SunRice Mini Bites

Boxer & Co

1 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Designed by Boxer & Co., Australia.

This healthier alternative to chips was created to target kids snacking occasions and to be sold in a supermarket environment.

The outer multi-pack needed to speak very clearly to the key purchaser – Mum. Health cues were created through use of a natural colour palette, a paper-bag effect, hand-drawn fonts and the sort of more simplistic, flat illustrations that draw inspiration from packaging commonly found in health-food stores. The inner pack needed to pack a punch with kids and have some serious playground cred.

In contrast to the outer packs, the individual portion packs were owned by the brighter variant colours. A suite of playful and friendly monster characters was created to give the pack character and interact with the product in a fun way. The variant flavours were named ‘Spooky Original’, ‘Develish Chicken’ and ‘Creepy Cheese’ to add interest and a tie-in with the monsters.