Derrick Lin


Designed by Strano and Pettigrew Design Associates, Canada.

Züküdla is an animal nutrition company that develops unique feeds and diets for zoo animals. They produce premium quality feeds, using only the best possible ingredients, they conduct in-depth R&D and have always been known for outstanding customer service.

Züküdla’s primary challenge was competing against much larger players in a fairly narrow space. Understanding that they could never compete on price or volume, Strano and Pettigrew’s first task was to identify Züküdla’s unique offerings. What made them different from their much larger competitors? In this case it was the ability to develop custom diets and feeds tailored specifically for each clients needs. This bespoke approach to developing products, as well as their unmatched customer service and a true passion for the care and well-being of animals, are Züküdla’s unique offerings. In our minds that meant one thing: “Crafting nutrition.”

In an effort to reflect the “hand crafted” nature of the brand, we chose a contemporary aesthetic set against a traditional craft paper foundation.