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Derrick Lin


Designed by Pentagram
Country: UK / Germany / USA

Have you ever had a great cup of tea at a music festival?

YANG CHAI is a new brand from a Munich-based entrepreneur which sources and creates new tea varieties and then makes them available at festivals, at open air markets and through an online shop.

YANG CHAI targets a young, design-conscious audience and therefore wanted to provide an alternative to the current tea brand trends. “We wanted to position this brand well away from the ‘homely’ or ‘organic’ looking tea brands which have come to the market in recent years”, says Justus Oehler, Pentagram partner.

Oehler and his team designed the identity, product packaging, online shop and all communication pieces for YANG CHAI. Sarah Wilbois, a designer on Oehler’s team says, “We designed a visual identity which is cool and modern but, at the same time, elegant“.

The YC logo is set in Akzidenz Grotesk and appears simply in black and white. Specifically created watermarked linear patterns were designed to be used as backdrop on all packaging items.

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