DD Smart Cup (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Tiago Pinto
Country: The Netherlands

In order for costumers to enjoy coffee at its best, it must be brewed and served at a high temperature. On the other hand consumer research reveals that people often prefer to wait for their beverage to cool down before sipping, to avoid the risk of scald burns.

How can design play a central role in such matter, improving the consumer’s experience?

Going straight to the key element between the consumer and the coffee itself: the coffee cup. Creating a coffee cup that warns you to be extra careful when taking a sip, when your coffee is most likely still too hot for you. The coffee cup changes its design due to the use of a temperature sensitive paint that is ‘triggered’ by temperatures above 70°c.

When the coffee cools down the iconic DD cup is revealed. Good morning! Enjoy your coffee.