Inspiral Foods (Redesigned)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Studio h
Designer: Rob Hall
Client: Inspiral Visionary Foods
Country: United Kingdom

Studio h redesigns branding and packaging for Inspiral Foods

Studio h has created new branding and packaging for eco raw food company, Inspiral. “To reach a wider market Inspiral wanted to move on from their hippy image without losing their cool credentials” said Rob Hall, creative partner, Studio h, “in particular they were keen not to lose their spiral tree logo. So we restyled the tree and wordstyle to maximise a fresh new look and created more style options for their diverse collateral needs”.

Studio h also worked with Inspiral and National Flexible Packaging to develop the first compostable pouch pack for their kale chips and superfood bites. The compostable laminate has an uncoated finish
that takes flat colour well and enhances the natural feel.

The new look has rolled out across all of Inspiral’s raw food ranges and their cafe and music lounge in Camden, London.