Alma Gin&Tonic Herbal Infusions

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Agency: Estudi Roger Cortés
Designer: Roger Cortés
Client: Alma Teas&Herbal Infusions
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Andorra

Alma Teas&Herbal infusions is one of the leading tea companies in Spain. The main objective of the brief was to design a “neutral” packaging with a graphic strip to customize it for diferent kinds of herbal infusions, We designed this vertical pack that Includes 3 Herbal infusions. Alma really cares its product and they sell only organic infusions, so we decided to do the pack in raw kraft and one ink. The main illustration, that envolves the pack, is the origin of an infusion.

In this pack we customized it with a graphic strip for a Gin&Tonic herbal mix. The Three infusions in the pack combines perfectly with all kinds of Gin’s, attached to the pack there’s a brochure with a map guide to perfect combine each infusion with each kind of Gin.