Amstel. Time Well Spent

Derrick Lin


Agency: P.E.T Engineeering
Client: Heineken
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: The Netherlands

A Heineken brand, Amstel Premium Pilsener is one of the most popular brands in the premium beer segment in Europe. It is targeted at men over 30 who are both beer amateurs and connoisseurs, appreciate the quality that comes from a slow brewing process and love spending quality time with friends, far away from the pressures of daily life.

P.E.T. Engineering’s challenge was to develop a 1l PET bottle with a premium look recalling the heritage and devotion to excellence of the great brew masters since 1870 and, at the same time, creating a convenient bottle for daily consumption at home and outdoors.

This project involved a full packaging design system. The bottle was given an especially premium look by means of detailed and glasslike engravings which underline the brand’s heritage, brand elements such as the brew master tradition and the Amstel brewery’s year of foundation. These have been aligned with a label design which gives premium status to the product using a gold background representing the high quality and excellence attained over the years by this slow brewed beer.

Labels, shape and engraved decorations enhance one another to create a unique visual language that helps the product to stand out and makes Amstel different from its competitors; as different as Amstel amateurs are, with their unique approach to life.