Pizza by trademark “Kupi”

Derrick Lin


Agency: Pavlov`s Design
Client: OOO “Russkij Moroz”
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Russia

To work out the design of the packing for the new line of products – frozen pizza. The desire of the customer was to make the packing as similar as possible with those are used in Italy in small pizzerias.

This time we were to work with the customers idea. But after we investigated the situation, we suggested to add the picture of the product. It is the traditional way for frozen meal as client can’t see what is inside the packaging. In the end we got a nice made with watercolors story about pitstseola offering to taste pizza which he has already done for us.

This line of products has its peculiarities: it fits microwave, it is cooked in a small bakery according to traditions. All this is seen on the packing.