Czarnkow Brewery (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Milena Wlodarczyk
School: Academy of Art and Design
Type Of Work: Student Project
Country: Wroclaw, Poland

Czarnkow is a small town in northern Poland. Beer brewing tradition here goes back to the sixteenth century. Proposed new identity of Brewery Czarnkow, emphasizes the core values of the brand. Logo and the rest of the materials combine the simplicity and the professionalism of small regional brewery with a long tradition.

Project of labels is created for the beer named Noteckie, produced by the Czarnków brewery. Labels show illustrations, each of them has been designed with the attention to characteristics distinguishing each suitable product. In addition, each type has its own four pack of beer. It was created for easy and convenient transport 4 beers. Packaging fulfils a function of outdoor advertising. The brand is based on a vintage style. Important value, which previously lacked is emphasize the tradition and individual, non-commercial approach to profession.

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