Limited Edition Polar Seltzer : Seasonal Collections

Derrick Lin


Agency: Miloby Ideasystem
Type of work: Commercial Work
Country: NY, USA

Our branding and package design work for Polar Seltzer includes the bi-annual release of a Limited Edition seasonal collection. For Summer 2013 our concept was “destination flavors” inspired by different places around the world.

The guiding principle for our work for Polar Beverages work has been the phrase “Seltzer is the New Water.” The look and feel is meant to celebrate their 130-year history of quality and craftsmanship while working to attract new people to the category.

“We wanted to turn up the volume on the brand while respecting their core principles. Each of the five seltzers is inspired by the flavors and aromas of a little piece of paradise, and each label is “stamped” with its namesake location. The lovely Ginger Lemonade Seltzer celebrates the vibrant colors and bright flavors of Jamaica, while Orange Mango whisks you to Brazil. ” describes studio founder Milana Kosovac.

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