Devin – Crystal Line

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Derrick Lin


Agency: P.E.T. Engineering
Country: Italy

New Devin Bottle. A Sip Of Crystal Clear Water

Devin, the best selling and best known mineral water brand in Bulgaria, has chosen the P.E.T. Engineering design team to develop its new packaging for the launch of its Devin – Crystal Line a water intended for the HO.RE.CA sector.

The P.E.T. Engineering challenge is to design packaging with a premium appearance which is not in glass – the material usually used in the HO.RE.CA sector and more generally for all premium products – but rather with PET, most commonly used for bulk products with limited aesthetic appeal.

The idea behind the packaging was thus to give premium value to a low cost material by means of a sophisticated design and a glass effect finish capable of combining the unbreakability, lightweight and low cost advantages of PET with concepts of elegance, character and refined simplicity.

Our designers thus used the regular forms of crystal glass as their starting point as the geometric perfection of its elements and their repetition in three dimensional space creates an elaborate decoration which begins at the base and continues upwards along its conical and essential shape.

The bottle’s three dimensional decoration and the use of Novapet’s Glasstar reproducing the vibrant transparency of glass produces an interesting refraction effect and the bottle shines like a crystal in the light.

Its blue and silver label with a cap in the same colour highlights the preciousness of this sip of crystal clear water strongly.