Exped Fold Drybag

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Keim Identity GmbH
Designer: Matthias Keim
Client: Exped AG
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Switzerland

The packaging for the ultra-light Fold Drybags of Exped was designed based on ecological considerations. In contrast to traditional packsack packaging, it consists solely of carton.

It was deliberately intended not to use any adhesives or plastics. Furthermore, it was paid attention to produce the packaging at a minimum usage of paper. The lamellar folding mechanism, with its alternation of low and high positioned lamellae elements, allows fixing the rolled up packsack. This is possible, because the product fills out the emerged space between mutually arranged lamellae elements with its pressure of the expansion stress and thereby stabilizes the packaging. Thus, it can be said that the product is a functional component of the whole packaging.

The packaging directly embodies the benefits of the product – namely the lightweight and the smartness. At the POS, customers can experience the product while removing it and retailers can easily reintegrate it in the package.