Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Innovative Design Service Inc
Location: Washington state, USA
Project Type: Concept


A container for liquor and beverage is provided to be used as a cup after the content inside thereof are all consumed, by being turned over and coupled to a container cap.

A main body has an open top having an inner diameter which becomes smaller to the bottom of the main body, and a closed bottom. A first connection unit is provided at a position selected from a inner periphery or the outer periphery of the bottom of the main body. The inner diameter having a larger diameter has a cap fastened thereto. At the central portion of the cap, a second connection unit is provided, which is connected to the first connection unit. A sealing material is adhered to the front end of the main body, in which the cap is fastened to. The first and second connection units are coupled to each other by screw tab joining or forced insertion. The shape of the main body is a polygonal shape.

Additional Information:
– Patented item.
– Innovative Design Service Inc
– President : Chul Kyo Yi
– Vice President : Kyung Kook