Carpe Nux Brand Creation: Cracking Characterisation

Derrick Lin


Agency: Designers Anonymous
Designer: Darren Barber, Christian Eager, Chris Cobb
Location: United Kingdom
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Client: Carpe Nux

Carpe Nux was looking to invigorate the nut market by launching a premium luxury offering – superior quality nuts with unique fusion flavoring. Sourcing only the finest nuts from the four corners of the earth, its founder drew parallels from worldly characters who shared unique philosophy and attributes with that of his fusion flavours. It was our challenge to help him communicate this concept in an effective way that invites consumers to “seize the nut” and takes discerning palates on a journey of indulgence and discovery.

By introducing portraits to each flavour we not only brought the characters behind each roast to life, but also gave the packaging a ‘collectable’ feel rather than an individual purchase. The exquisite flavours include: Soy-Glazed Walnuts, Fiery Macadamia, Zesty Cashews and Rum-Spiced Pecans, and each come in their similar and yet richly unique packaging. Each charismatic packet boasts it’s own beautifully loud colour – further promoting their exotic individuality, but also allowing them to stand out in unison as a selection to be remembered. We added depth and discovery on each pack by continuing the story on the back of each collector card, with an engaging and inspiring quote that celebrates the legacy and relevance of these characters in today’s world.