Cella Biofiber Nano-Cellulose Facial & Eye Mask

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Agency : Kawakong Designworks
Designer : Chung & Ming
Client : Heuristic Trading
Type of work : Commercial work
Country : Malaysia

As the product were made from higher quality of ingredients and technology, naturally, the brief was to position the product as the high-end product that appeal to the quality mask’s user. As for the price, they are easily 4 or 5 times more than the average product in the market.

From our perspective, we wanted to focus more on delivering the physical aspect of the mask rather than just making them looks expensive. What is more important for us is how we can describe them with our own personal feeling. For us, the mask feels like a cooling, naked layer of spongy membrane gluing closely to the skin, waiting for the nutrients slowly to be absorb.

We believed the decision that made the client bought the idea was mainly because of our interpretation of their product rather than the appearance of the packaging.