Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: The Neon Project
Location: Mumbai/ India
Project Type: Commercial Work

The Neon Project designs a ‘ticket’ to responsible partying!

The challenge:
‘EnDizz.’ is a first of its kind product in the Indian market for preventing hangovers. The challenge given by the marketing team was to create a brand and ensure its place in the minds of the consumers ‘before’ they consume any kind of alcohol. Another twist to the story was the point of sale being pharmacy and wine shops both, the packs must work in extremely unalike lighting conditions! Lastly the design had to connect well with a wide range of age groups.

Strategy and solution:
We began with a party all night! The interaction helped in understanding the real mind-set of the drinker. In this fast new age, most of the times the drink sessions are moments of catching up, and therefore they cannot be considered as a taboo. In fact, it is the most awaited moment for the drinker. We oriented our approach accordingly; leveraged the subtle humor associated and portrayed ‘EnDizz.’ as a companion with ‘go for it!’ attitude. Each vibrant sachet carries a drinkers’ unreasonable desire reasonably well. These positively framed wacky statements did invite the drinker to consume ‘EnDizz.’ before the sessions to ensure fresh mornings and maintaining their next day commitments. Moreover the cartons enabled the user involvement by keeping a space to add their own notes. A successful crack warranting a preferred place in their lives…

EnDizz. Go for it!