Take Away by Big One

Derrick Lin


Creative agency: Illumination
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: London, UK

Big One needed to launch a new concept in the Norwegian grocery market to revolutionise pizza eating!

The Challenge
Our task was to create an authentic looking and category breaking design with clear shelf standout that communicated the freshness of a takeaway pizza. We needed to convince consumers to change their current category behaviour and create a credible alternative to a regular takeaway pizza.

Illumination (The Big Idea)
Through a strong graphic identity, distinctive structure and on pack story we were able to achieve real standout and drive a premium price point that has broken the existing category in the Norwegian market.

Our design helped Take Away by Big One win the annual Orkla innovation award in 2013; a market share of 9.3% was achieved within 6 months of launch, along with sales of 650,000 units and almost 100% distribution in Norwegian grocery chains.

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