Yubarta Beer

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Domingo Reyes, owner of Yubarta beer.
Additional Credits: Odin Solis and Roberta Noche, creative group.
Country: Mexico

Yubarta is a Mexican craft beer, which seeks to offer a different concept to the growing group of consumers within the country, not only through an exquisite flavour, but by a breakthrough image.

Our name is inspired by the humpback whale, a creature who represents for us, an epic adventurous and mysterious animal. It also evoques the fresh and relaxing ambience of the sea, all elements which we want to transmit to our consumers.

Yubarta´s canvas is a smooth lined bottle which hold three labels, the main one depicting an enormous humpback whose tail comes out of the edge and wraps the bottle just like the ribbon that comes from the cap.