Collegium Altum, Modernist Jenga

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Zupagrafika
Client: Poznań University of Economics
Location: Poznan/ Poland
Project Type: Commercial Work

Building specifications:
Collegium Altum. Poznań, Poland
Street: Powstańców Wielkopolskich 16
Architects: Lech Sternal, Witold Milewski, Zygmunt Skupniewicz
Years of Construction: 1976-1991

The modernist fasade of Poznan University of Economics tower is the leitmotiv of this Jenga packaging designed by polish studio Zupagrafika. The packaging is hand drawn and highlights detalis such as window curtains or imperfections visible on the fasade due to the passing of time. The object includes information about architects, year of construction and exact location.