Creative agency: Getbrand
Location: Moscow, Russia
Project type: Commercial work

Work on the project started with a briefing: the task was to develop a brand for dairy products made of natural traditional ingredients in strict accordance with a high quality standards.

The customer company – Krasnobakovsky Dairy Products already had a naming – cheerful and emotional – Don Bidon – Bidon is Russian for a traditional funny water can. Such naming already launches a story itself. And we saw the game in this story – the game that involves the buyer into this story, to create mood, to give a scope for creativity. Cottage cheese, butter, sour cream – here category and functional benefits of the product used to be the main design objectives.

Our Don Bidon turned out to emotional characteristics, and in each product is a different personality: cottage cheese is a good-natured merry fellow, butter is charismatic don with a big mustache, cottage cheese with raisin is a good-natured person with a funny forelock.

Logo is executed as a speech bubble. Mini water-can attached to the logo points out the fat percentage – a funny amusing detail supplementing an image of a brand. Fonts were designed roundish merry friendly as if hand drawn with a brush and paints. The wholesome brand tonality was mend to be light, open-minded, friendly. The natural product made according to long-term standards became close, open and honest but cheerful and lively!