Margareth’s Flowers

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Officina 3am (Monica Pastore, Anna Saccani, Anna Silvestri) with Marco Vidoni
Client: Margareth
Location: Venice / Italy
Project Type: Commercial Work

Margareth’s last ep, Flowers, was published in October 2013. In this musical project the band focuses on the immediacy of the compositions and try to examine how acoustic, electric and electronics sounds intertwine. The urge to innovate and experiment new techniques and approaches is conveyed through graphic design and packaging. The project is characterized by simple, however accurately studied, elements. The typographical mandala is the rapresentation of Margareth’s concentric sound. It is entirely composed of the letters that form the word “flowers” and it is, indeed, included in the essential packaging that has been specifically designed for the project. The box hides the cd whose presence is revealed through a particular opening technique that emphasize the discovery. Texts (the typographic mandala and the textual contents) are all printed one color (black) and are all set in the same font (Bau bold) and size. Both the monochromatic printing and the reddishness of the cd label are enhanced by using fine paper, accurately selected.
Packaging: Paper Materica Fedrigoni clay gr. 250 (printed one-color).