3000 BC Organic And Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: The BrandHouse
Brand Strategist: Katerina Tsenebis,
Creative Director: Nikos Vlahoyiannis
Designer: Aggelos Moschos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: The Kotsonis Estate
Location: Athens, Greece

Our client, The Kotsonis Estate, invited us to Brand and Design a new olive oil that comes in two varieties: Organic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We chose to name the new brand 3000 B.C due to two reasons: The Kotsonis Estate is located next to Ancient Mycenae, an area that is historically proven to have a great heritage in the production of olive oil and secondly because archaeologists believe that the first organized production of olive oil started around 3000 B.C. The Mycenaean motifs of our packaging are inspired by actual olive oil amphorae of that historic period . Our objective was to create a brand that carries the historic heritage and at the same time is aesthetically modern and simple.