5 Awesome Examples of Bespoke Clothing Packaging

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Written by Mark Chapman, the Sales Manager for UK based custom and bespoke packaging specialists, Project Packaging.

For years consumers and brands haven’t been concerned with creating unique packaging for garments and this is largely due to the nature of clothing itself. Clothes are worn, they hang in wardrobes and retailers give customers their clothing in plastic bags, so on the surface why would there be a need for clothing packaging?
But with so many other products using custom packaging as a way to secure more sales and generate publicity for their brand, clothing retailers and manufacturers now see packaging as a perfect counterpart for marketing their goods.

As you’ll see from my examples below, some brands have paved the way for bespoke clothing packaging, making it an essential element to the design of their product whereas other brands are using packaging as a means to “wow” and engage shoppers.

Here are my top five examples of bespoke clothing packaging.

1. Here! Sod

This collection of t-shirts from Here! Sod are cleverly designed to look like food packaging. Each shirt is custom packaged to look like a type of food product you’d find in most supermarkets, such as bread, beef and even cabbage. It’s certainly an eye-catching creative design, and stands out against other t-shirt packaging.

So how did this help Here! Sod? Well, the uniquely packaged garments created instant brand recognition as well as generating lots of free word of mouth advertising.

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2. Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes was established in 2001 as a bakery and has grown to be an exclusive, international brand with bakeries in Boston, London and Los Angeles. Since the success of the bakeries, Johnny Cupcakes has branched out into other product lines, like creating clothing to match their food produce, as well as lots more brilliant merchandise and packaging.

This t-shirt packaging design from Johnny Cupcakes looks like tins of cupcake frosting. Each t-shirt has been designed to match the tin, with their own branded flavour of cupcake frosting, and the back of the tins even provide nutritional value for the frosting.

Johnny Cupcakes has created some great clothing packaging designs in the past, particularly their Halloween inspired t-shirt designs packaged in monster themed cake-mix boxes.

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3. Arsenal Football Club Shirt Tin

This Arsenal Football Club shirt tin is another example of bespoke packaging for clothing but with a very different sentiment.

Whilst the previous examples of packaging serve to grab attention, this packaging type functions more as a permanent storage and preservation of a collectible item of clothing.
The spherical, matt coated storage tin has a simple design, complete with Arsenal’s logo, ensuring the t-shirt is stored safely. It’s ideal for fans as a keepsake or would make the perfect memorabilia gift for any avid Arsenal fan.

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4. For Real Troublemakers

This t-shirt from The Real Troublemakers is highly inconspicuous. Each t-shirt has been packaged inside a beer bottle and requires for the bottle to be smashed to get the t-shirt out. Obviously this isn’t one for the kids, but this would make a great gift for anyone who’s a beer lover.

Whilst the packaging is instantly disposable, it’s a reminder of how effective unusual packaging can be in generating awareness of your product and potentially increased sales.

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5. Hangerpak

This packaging design from Hangerpak goes the extra mile. Not only does the packaging protect the garment in store, but it also transforms into a hanger for simple storage at home. As you can see from the image the outer packaging can be folded to create a hanger. This handy design feature is the perfect solution for taking your clothes away on holiday – you’d certainly have fewer wrinkled clothes.

Whilst many brands consider packaging a by-product, those brands who are offering added value to consumers are reaping the rewards through more publicity and interest around their products with the potential to increase sales off the back of the PR.

We can learn a lot from brands who choose to use bespoke clothing packaging. Not only is their packaging interesting and unusual, but it creates an excitement around the product, giving it a talking point. Bespoke clothing packaging has certainly started a new creative trend and I believe this will continue to be a popular trend in the future.

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Mark Chapman is the Sales Manager for UK based custom and bespoke packaging specialists, Project Packaging. Mark has managed and helped to manufacture the design and creation of a variety of packaging solutions. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.