SmartPack: 30 Days Green Cleanse & 30 Days Liver Detox

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: arnoldvuga+
Designer Jure Kožuh
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sensilab Grop S.A.
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

SmartPack is a group of products which aim to solve health problems systematically.

The SmartPacks consist of 2 to 3 products (dietary supplements) which aim at specific problems to improve a persons overall health.

The use of these individual products is described in a “user guide/manual” (and also on the packaging) which explains the use of the products and extends it with a recipe guide, as food influences the effectiveness of the treatment.

With this project we aimed to produce a system of packaging which can be used for very different fields of health improvement. Even thou different fields of health can be covered, the central idea (which is the same for all products of the group) is, that these products give the user more than just a simple pill. They give him/her a holistic approach to the issue. The products and their treatment duration (days) range from 7 to 30 day packs.

All of this is articulated through a visual identity which enables the producer to change the colour of the product without loosing the recognisability of the product group. With this aim, a colour system, which will be used for all packs developed in the future, was developed. The communication of the use of the products (in a pack) was articulated with the use of simple info graphical guides. The duration of the product is defined in the name and with an UV lacquer overprinted number.

There is an additional issue that we solved with our approach. The internal (secondary) packages do not change from product to product. The stay the same with the addition of the additionally printed names of the individual boxes. This enables the producer to preprint the boxes in large number (to lower the cost) and add the names of individual products (existing or new) only when needed.

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