7 Christmas Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss

Derrick Lin


We all love Christmas. Today, we share with you 7 creative packaging design for this joyful season.
Christmas will not be the same with these inspirational Christmas gift packaging.

Robot Roy – The Nutcracker Toy by Robot Food

Robot Food’s offering is named Robot Roy the Nutcracker Toy. Fun, festive and charmingly on brand, Robot Roy stands ten inches tall and is hand-painted in bright primary colours. He’s packaged in an impressive bespoke black box made from ebony Colorplan by GF Smith. The in-house illustrations include a festive nuts and bolts pattern, which decorate the box edges. The design is applied in a luxurious, tactile gold foil finish and the 50 limited edition boxes are sealed with a numbered label.
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Norsk Ol by Ryanna Christianson

Norsk Ol is a six pack alcoholic beverage. Based on research of Norwegian traditions and folklore, the bottle represent Norvegian “Nisse”. Nisse are small mythical creatures that are thought to bring good luck but are also mischievous as well. Legend says they dwell in barns and around farms.
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Christmas Tea by Mint

Around Christmas time there is always controversy about throwing away the Christmas three after the holiday has passed, so Mint was eager to find a alternative which would keep the main essence of Christmas – getting together with your loved ones. Food and drink consumption is one of the main things that brings people together to a table, and because tea is the most used beverage in the winter time, the concept build around the tea bag came very naturally to life. Since it was a self-initiated project it all started with the idea of an alternative for the Christmas tea and excitingly ended in packaging design.
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Martin Olsson Christmas Gift boxes by Acid And Marble

Four gift boxes with four different themes and content. Each photo represents the content in the box.
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Christmas present for a paper star by Politanski Design

Somehow everything just gels together, from the opening of the box to the pointed edges.
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JZN MC2U by Gidea Group

On this seasonal packaging design, Gidea Group implemented the classical golden pineapple cake package with the joyful Christmas design, also bringing out a sense of East meeting West.

This special Christmas packaging was a commercial success for JZM, especially loved by Japanese and Hong Kong tourists who came to Taiwan to spend their Christmas Holidays, a chic and lovely souvenir to take home with!
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Milka Christmas Augmented Reality Advent Calendar by Taxi studio

Taxi devised a solution that underpins Milka’s ‘Dare to be Tender’ positioning, opting for a visually delightful design consisting of a series of iconic festive images reimagined as numbers that take children on a journey from the 1st December to the big day.
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