elit by Stolichnaya



JDO launches premium gift packaging for elit™ by Stolichnaya®

JDO Brand Design & Innovation has launched luxurious new gift packaging for the ultra luxury vodka, elit™ by Stolichnaya®. elit™ by Stolichnaya® created and defined the ultra-luxury vodka category with its 2003 launch in its current unique bottle. The packaging is a strong brand asset with the original outer packaging taking the form of a cylinder gift pack.

SPI Group who owns the elit™ brand, identified an opportunity to introduce a category defining premium gift pack to appear in the global travel retail environment (GTR) and premium retailers. The new packaging needed to breakthrough the clutter on shelf and set the benchmark for ultra premium vodka gift packaging. It also needed to appeal both to vodka connoisseurs with significant disposable income as well as encourage newcomers to trial the brand. JDO was briefed to hero the bottle in order to build visibility and make the most of its unusual and iconic shape.

Based around an innovative design combination of tin and precision injection moulding, JDO has created a gift pack that has a unique integrated cut out element that mirrors the shape of the bottle design and triangular branding device. Within the cut out area, the two elements hero the form hinting at its iconic shape and detailing. Soft touch varnishes and graduated black and metallic finishes give the overall pack an ultra premium and impactful aesthetic and ensures strong shelf appeal, clarity and standout in an extremely cluttered environment.

Paul Drake, JDO creative director says, “We were clear that our competitor set was not just other premium alcoholic drinks but also luxury gifts in general: clothing, accessories, fine fragrance, skincare etc. Consumers have considerable choice in a global travel retail environment and make decisions that they might not necessarily make during the course of their normal shopping routines. We wanted to create a sublime pack that would arrest, stand out and win over each of these alternative categories.”

Ilse Wolfe, global marketing manager at SPI Group commented, “elit™ by Stolichnaya® is an ultra-luxury vodka that elevates centuries of vodka tradition to a high-tech art and is consistently commended as the highest rated white spirit in the world. Our discerning customers demand elegant and sophisticated gift packaging when giving elit™ to loved ones or colleagues. JDO have expertly combined classic design with modern materials to create a perfect solution for elit™; a visually stunning gift pack revealing the exceptional vodka inside.”

The packs will be available from quarter one next year for travel retail.