Güitig – Christmas Special Edition



Creative Agency: BridgerConway
Presidents: Marcelo Bridger y Santiago Felippelli Conway
CEO: Alejandro Tinivelli
Creative Director: Fernando Arendar
Creative Team: Pablo Espasandin y Emiliano Ocantos
Account Director: Alejandra Pouchot
Account Manager: Julieta Fabricius
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cabcorp Ecuador – Güitig
Location: Argentina
Packaging Materials: Glass bottle

Ecuador’s premium sparkling mineral water Güitig has chosen once again BridgerConway for the design of a Christmas Special Edition pack for the holiday season.

We worked on the design of three new flavors, Peppermint Twist, Apple Candy and Fruit Punch.

Considering the specific features of the pack printing, the design proposals were developed in a 700 milliliters glass pack and in a 500 milliliters plastic PET option.

For this special edition we wanted to generate a language that refers Christmas from a nontraditional and classic view that can coexist with the premium identity of the brand, the one that the agency works with from more than two years.

From the beginning, the idea of this edition of Güitig bottles (specially the glass one) was to stand out at the point of sales and become collectibles.