Positive by Zupagrafika



Creative Agency: Zupagrafika
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Location: Poland
Packaging Material: Cardboard

An object commemorating art work taken away from Poland during World War II, designed by Zupagrafika studio for the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in order to promote the knowledge of their recuperation process.

Positive has got the form of Polaroid-like cards with their negative side which is to be removed in order for the positive image to be “discovered” .

It was not only the art works themselves, but also the very idea of their absence, loss and recovery which inspired the project in the first place. The goal was both to educate and inform about the problem, as well as to invite the users of the gadget to interaction and symbolical involvement in the searching process. Thus, the playful form of Positive allowing the user to unveil the hidden image and as a result, bring it back to life.

The collection is divided into 4 sets of images to unveil: Polish Painting, Foreign Painting, Engraving and Sculpture. Produced in two language versions: Polish and English; contains a leaflet informing about the Ministry`s work on reclaiming the lost art works.