Revenge Of Ex (Concept)



Creative Agency: UNIQA C.E
Designer: Denis Kalinin
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russia

Revenge Of Ex – is the project that located on the edge of different media, techniques and product categories than other. May be it is hard to find place for it because it is not “vodka”, “whiskey” or “cookies” but its goal is to expand the horizons of packaging as the area of design, up to fine art from one side and handmade crafts from another – that is what the “edge” means.

In the world where almost all successful projects are on the intersection of different areas (especially on digital) not on the single one – opposite to traditional of XX century – there is the lack of this kind approach for the packaging design, that seen kind of retrograde at many sides. That is why product category was sacrificed to the bright goal of pure concept and the wish to materialize the sensation and magic of primitive and raw idea that was not “polished” by marketing.

This project is positioned as “pure” concept and it aimed to represent the possibilities of intersections of traditional media and modern design projected on background of cultural ancestry.

Imagine of real magic that is to be packaged and you can buy it in the mall? Revenge Of Ex is about it. Mystical product that connects selected person with doll via inside potion to be drunk by that person. The red potion added to one’s food or drink will connect that person with the doll. Revenge Of Ex project that located on the edge of different media, techniques and product categories. It shows new possibilities of approaching contemporary design visual language on traditional media.