Rock Bridge Brewery



Creative Agency: Hub & Spoke
Creative Directory: Dak Dillon
Design/ Illustration: Kaylyn Crane
Source Material/ Inspiration: Curt Bean
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rock Bridge Brewery
Location: Columbia, Missouri, USA
Packaging Material: Aluminium Cans

We worked with Rock Bridge Brewery to help them develop their first ever can designs. The cans were printed by Crown Cork & Seal Company.

The cans have a unique back story, as the art was inspired by an Curt Bean and his Art of War project. The project helps soldiers use art therapy to cope with PTSD. Curt provided us samples of his artwork which we then used as the basis of our illustrations. We tried to capture the essence of each beer in their individual cans. Saison with a softer palette and a bird, and the Rye with a punky attitude, featuring the goat.

Since this was the breweries first foray into canning, they had to build an assembly line just to do this. They now hope to do 2-4 new brews a year.