Salumificio Falcone (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Garage Comunicazione
Photo: Nanni Spina
Project Type: Concept
Location: Italy

Visual identity that Garage Comunicazione studied for Salumificio Falcone is based on specific points:

– Giving a strong, elegant, easily recognizable image to the company, in order to represent a summary of family charcuterie tradition.
– Providing the company an effective logo that can be used in all of business items, without confusion among consumers and partners.
– Strengthening the brand equity related to the reason why and mission.
– Maintaining the approach of tradition and quality.

In Roman age Lucania and Bruttium were the places for the production of sausages, Sila was the site of the timber recovery. Garage Comunicazione adopted a tone of voice that enables countless forms: products, point of sale, any other initiatives (sponsorship or publishing projects), without never lose unitary and hierarchical domination. Logo looks like the union of three types of animals: the hawk, the sheep and the pig. It is based on a synthesis between the falcon wingspan, the horns of the cow and pig’s snout. The hawk is also recognizable by charting the eyespot, beak and feature spot on the neck. Monochrome logo recalls earth and wood, brown is free from the use of other competitors, it is highly recognizable and declinable on corporate and labels.

Garage Comunicazione has also realized the identity of the three product lines: The traditional line , the Falcone 1846 line and Suinonero – The authentic Calabrian.
The brand positioning that emerged following weeks of company analysis was ‘Italian quality and local tradition ’. This positioning brought together the company’s two great strengths: its innovation to provide the marketplace with the best-quality products, while adhering to the founder’s greatest value — honesty.