Thomas J Fudge’s

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Big Fish
Location: London, United Kingdom

Fudges asked us to rebrand their business at the end of 2012. A Dorset-based family bakery for almost 100 years, their biscuits and nibbles had a loyal following. However, the market had grown hugely since they started out, and there was an awful lot of competition from supermarket own brands. The family Fudge – Sue, Steve and Graham – felt their boxes were no longer standing out on shelf. They were also concerned that consumers found the name ‘Fudges’ confusing – assuming Fudges were makers of fudge, rather than bakers of biscuits.

We re-positioned them to their rightful place as the finest biscuits available on the shelf. We changed their name from Fudges to Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery. Not only did this prevent people from thinking they made fudge, but it was a more true and honest reflection of their enviable heritage and obsession with quality.