Benefits of Using Plastic Bags For Vegetables & Fruits Packaging

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Written by Benito Nelson, owner of Swisspac Romania, manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of plastic bags.

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Effective and innovative packaging plays a crucial role in improving your brand value in today’s competitive world. And effective and durable vegetables packaging would be one of the important steps for preserving the freshness and quality of the vegetables for prolonged period of time. Now a day you are able to find a comprehensive range of packaging bags and pouches for packaging various vegetables and plastic bags are one of the most durable and effective packaging options available within the market.

Plastic bags are durable enough for containing capacity and resistance to high temperature. These bags are inclusive of metalized and aluminium foil lamination that protects the products from moisture, oxygen and any other contamination so they are a durable vegetables packaging solution that is used to pack various types of vegetables like ginger, cabbage, tomatoes, lime, onions, cucumbers and many others. Apart from packaging vegetables these bags are also used for several other products including
• Coffee and tea
• Snack food products
• Grains packaging
• Pet food products
• Pharmaceutical products
• Chocolates and various others.

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Plastic bags have been the packaging choice of most people for many years due to their sheer durability properties. These bags are produced by using various plastic materials like LLDPE, BOPP, PE, MET, PVC and PE, which are FDA approved so these bags provide hygienic features. These bags are available in different sizes, colours and innovative shapes like
• Stand up pouches
• Side gusset bags
• Flat bottom bags
• Pillow pouches
• Side seal bags
• Retort bags and lots more.

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All of these bags are available in custom printed selection up to nine colours. The latest rotogravure technique is utilized for printing the company logo, brand name and other nutritional information on these custom printed bags. So these plastic vegetables packaging bags are an effective marketing tool to grab the attention of the consumers. These plastic bags are convenient enough as they are added with various accessories such as
• Zip closure
• Tear notch
• Euro slot
• Degassing valves
• Transparent window

These accessories provide better convenience to the consumers as well as better protection of the products from external contamination. These bags provide convenient and safe storage and transportation of the products and also offer sufficient space for branding and are cost effective flexible vegetables packaging option as they are available at the most competitive and affordable prices within the market.

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