Bubilas Apiary

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Derrick Lin


Designer: maroco
Packaging photography: Tomas Gudauskas
Nature photography: Ferdi Fikri
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bubilas
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Packaging Material: Glass

Because it was newly founded apiary, firstly client needed logo. We got focus on logo and whole identity. First exploration was several studies about local and international honey markets. In later stages, then logo from blur become more sharper, I did studies about packaging and started creation of packaging.

As in packaging, in branding used hints of honeycomb and bee form. Also mark is constructed as bee and honeycomb in one, filled with honey. Logotype is visually appealing and secure for honey market (as we know that young family manages this apiary). Word “Bubilas” is custom hand drawn word mark with first letter ”B” as bee symbol. This bee symbol is used in corporate identity and supplements brand with dynamic.

Was chosen unique and different glass jar, outstanding from competitors. Unusual form and with golden lid. Because of complex form of a jar, label got complex too. We stick with hint of honeycomb and bee forms labeling, which suited jar very well. Inside label you can see dripping honey and that narrowing on wrapper has purpose as sealing guarantee. Top of the jar adorned with special, made of natural bee wax, stamp, which guarantees quality, origin and naturalness.