fÖL (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: &Anika Creative Design
Designer: Sofia Larsén
Concept Idea: Robin Borgström
Project Type: Concept
Location: Stockholm
Packaging Material: Glass

I got the simple but challenging brief from one of Sweden’s largest brewing companies; to create a conceptual beer for the concerned, young and urban audience. My solution was to follow a growing and existing trend that has sprung from bar hopping restaurateurs; to have a smaller beer served so that you will have time to move on to a new place and meet as many people as possible. In Sweden we call this serving a “galopp” (exactly what it sounds like, the pace when a horse runs, gallop).

Therefore the beer was named fÖL, which is a pun consisting of both the words “föl” (foal) and “öl” (beer). I took inspiration from our need of socializing as much as possible in as little time as possible, and used minimalistic visuals with horse and urban elements. Continuous use of puns is all over the concept. The bottle is only 25cl, perfect size for grabbing a quick beer and be on the move to the next!

Hooves through the roof!