The VIP Porsche Packaging

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Swedbrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Porsche China
Location: Sweden, China
Packaging Materials: Handmade paper bag and Rigid gift box

Whether you are taking your seat on a first class flight or entering your suite in a 5-star hotel, the feeling of receiving a care package should be special. It should feel like a dear friend has given you a gift. At that moment you know exactly how much that person cares for you, and how special you are to them.

Porsche China wanted to develop a VIP Roadside Care package for owners of their new Hybrid Supercar, the 918 Spyder. Their aim was that “When opening the package the customer should know they are cared for and receive a welcoming surprise”.

Taking cues from Grooming, Airlines, Spas, Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Department stores, our design team aimed to define the type of experience Porsche’s customers would enjoy and expect from a care package. Next, the team focused on luxury packaging cues, like Interaction, Sound, Accessibility, Feel, Closure, Heritage, Anticipation, Finishing and Quality. These cues were then translated into Material, Finishing, Structural and Graphic Design Concepts.

Our limited edition, handmade paper bag and rigid gift box set coincided with the launch of Porsche’s limited edition of the 918 Spyder – one 4.6-liter V8 engine, two electric motors, 887 horsepower, 210 mph and solely 918 produced. A truly exclusive vehicle and now when their owner receives a limited edition, VIP Roadside Care package they will feel just as exclusive as their new 918 Spyder.

“We are targeting the 918 Spyder owners, a special group who owns the most unique and most high-end model of Porsche. Their expectations are pretty high towards the brand. How to make them perceive the Porsche customer care as special and unique as their cars? Swedbrand succeeded well in creating a premium and unique gift package which perfectly fit into the brand image and exceeds our expectation.”
– Jing Zhou, Porsche, Supervisor After Sales Marketing