Yungshen Rice Noodles (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: CRE8 DESIGN
Project Type: Concept
Location: Taiwan

Established in 1910, Yungshen Rice Noodles produces high-quality traditional Taiwanese rice noodles. Now in its fourth generation of production, Yungshen realized that its excellent products needed more distinctive branding and packaging to gain fans and differentiate its products in a crowded marketplace.

CRE8 DESIGN conducted in-depth research on competing brands and consumer motivation, and concluded that Yungshen faced several challenges: they confused consumers by offering too many brand names and product lines, and they projected a poor brand image that failed to communicate to their desired audience. The solution? Develop a design language that enthralls consumers by expressing the story of this century-old brand across all platforms.

The brand’s core value is embodied in its long history, in its heritage of a hand-made process that helps preserve the most authentic flavors and distinctive textures, and 100% natural ingredients. CRE8 thus incorporated designs derived from sun, wind, and rice – the three crucial elements in creating high-quality rice noodles – into the new packaging and logo design. Bamboo motifs were merged in the inner package to symbolize a hard-working spirit. Beige and brown colors exude an earthy feeling.

This rebranding process assured Yungshen’s classic status and created brand credibility by visualizing the firm’s mission of producing only natural and healthy products. Tradition is updated with a more modern design language, bolstered by an underlying, timeless essence.