Ecology, sex and fun!

Derrick Lin


Agency: B-NASTY
Packaging material: Cardboard
Location: Poznan, Poland

We created a packaging for a fashion & accessories brand “b-nasty” – a “pioneer in elegant controversy” . Penis is the leitmotiv of the brand, and appears in the logotype. Although the message seems simple, after it’s combined with sophisticated design and quality materials it welcomes you to a new dimension: B-nasty means originality, fun, courage and rebellion. So close to the woman for whom it’s been designed for.

The packaging contains suggestive catchword “unwrap me” and a pastiche of the “recycling” sign.

Ecology, sex and fun!

What’s Unique?
The whole project is a pastiche of popular trends it breaks the stereotypes. It’s all in one – funny, interesting, brave, outrageous and silly. It’s something that has never been done before in such a cheerful way. It’s a modern hippie project which connects sex and ecology .