Derrick Lin


Art-direction, package design: Vladimir Shmoylov
3D Visualisation: Dmitriy Lubimov
Stylist: Samarskiy Grigoriy
Photo: Ivan Kurbatov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ERA
Location: Moscow, Russia

Era is the leader on the Russian market in the category of flashlights. When I started developing this package main desire was to make something very clear. So I made the background white and colored, contrasting inserts, and they are designed for the packaging of any proportions. Different colors – different types of flashlirhts, for example: orange – professional, green – tourism, blue – universal. Due to the different colour inserts on the overall layout together they create a white spot with a nice play of color. These inserts include 2 descriptor – number of LEDs and the operating time on a full charge or on a new set of batteries.