Gourmanderiet – The Small Market Hall



Designers: Eva-Heidi Lindberg, Sanna Jonasson, Pelle Andersson
Project Type: School Project
Location: Sweden, Sunne (Wermland)

School task assignment; concept, idea & storytelling
Find the uniqueness of a company; create a concept that reflects their story and create a sustainable brand marketing

The Company
Gourmanderiet is a small market hall in Karlstad, Wermland (Sweden) that started in 2012.

It all started with a inspirational trip to Denmark, Copenhagen. Here they discovered Danish gourmetboutiques; delis with a long history from the early market halls. They decided to take the experience home and open a small market hall in Karlstad and named it Gourmanderiet.

The concept
With a story we wanted to create a clear concept for the store where Gourmanderiets trip inspires customers to own internal culinary travel, to find their own gourmand.

Graphic profile
With the new graphic profile for Gourmanderiet we wanted to reflect the concept, where tradition meets modernity. The logo should breathe genuine craftsmanship, tradition, joy and travel.