Smartbites (Concept)

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Designer: José Jiménez Lara
Project Type: Concept
Location: Madrid, Spain
Packaging Materials: Cardboard, acetate, plastic

Smartbites is a branding project developed for my own concept of sugar free candies for adults.

I decided to give a twist and revamp the identity of a tradicional product that use to be boring and worthless. From this starting point I thought about how to create a new category of hard luxury candies based on sophisticated designs, combining exotic and surprising flavors, and colors. I also wanted to make them sugar free because healthy food and snacks ara a big trend these days.

After a period of research I developed my own recipe for sugar free candies bringing this traditional product to a new level and making it really appealing for adults.

The result is small square unique pieces of pleasure full of taste with a great aesthetics and sugar free.

Smartbites were categorized into several collections: safari, ravioli, gardens, Gaudí, Mondrian, gemstones and expressionism.

Every collection is linked to a specific range of flavours (cocktails, exotic fruits, flowers, infusions,etc.), packaging and design.

Furthermore, each collection contains a protective acetate sheet menu that provides specific information about the flavour on every candy.

What’s unique about the packaging?
Smartbites offers hard candies like it has never been done before. Each candy is placed individually on the box indicating its flavour like it is usually done with fine chocolates. It delivers an experience to the consumers that have to decide which one to taste.