The Packaging Trends of 2015

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Written by Rebecca Faulkner, the digital design specialist for Charlotte Express Packaging.

A new year is upon us and that means that we are highly likely to see a change in the design of packaging across the world. As the market changes, so too will the packaging that is used to contain these products.

So what can we expect to happen this year? What trends are going to come through and what’s going to die away? Let’s explore:

While it isn’t anywhere near to being a new material, there is something so simplistic about kraft that it is has captured the attention of several key target markets – most crucially, the organic and healthy eating types.

It’s durable, environmentally friendly and is extremely versatile. Therefore it is no wonder that this material is being widely used as a packaging solution by a range of companies across the world. Depending on the thickness of kraft, you can form wrapping paper, kraft bags, boxes and even envelopes to match the needs of your products.

Why will this take off in 2015? We expect to see far more companies taking an eco-friendly approach to their packaging and kraft paper does just that. Being made from sustainable sources that are readily recyclable makes this a much more environmentally friendly solution than plastic, while remaining low cost and allowing for versatile packaging options.

Minimal Designs
In recent years on-packaging advertising has become a cluttered, jumble of colour and images in order to make the product stand out from the crowd. However, with almost every company doing this the best way to stand out now is to use minimalistic design.

Expect to see a lot more eye-catching designs to be brought in, using retro fonts and colours to make their products stand out. Some of these may be rather funky indeed, with colourful text on stark backgrounds or vice versa, but overloading the packaging with colours and calls to actions have become a thing of the past.

Why will this take off in 2015? This type of packaging looks more upmarket and luxurious, allowing retailers to charge more for it and therefore increasing profits across the board. As the economy begins to pick up more people will have money to spend on products marketed in this way.

Tactile Effects
While packaging is largely about appearance, there is an untapped market for packaging that evokes the senses. We can expect to see more and more companies using different textured materials to maximise the response to their product.

Having a variety of tones and textures on the finishing of the packaging could be all it takes for you to pick it up and put it in your basket. Half the battle is getting the product noticed and picked up, if it feels good in the customer’s hands then chances are they’re going to buy it as a result.

Why will this take off in 2015? This allows for a wide range of new materials to be used, including environmentally friendly products, driving more creativity within the industry and working to deliver more noticeable packaging designs.

More Personal, Less Professional
Customers don’t like to be reminded that they are buying from a large organisation, they want to feel as though they are important and they are helping an individual to scratch a living. Some companies have already tapped into this by creating packaging that looks more personal, using hand drawn logos and writing.

This allows you to give your company a personality that your target audience can connect with. While this may not be appropriate with every business out there, it is something that can be tactfully used to suit your purposes and improve brand awareness.

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Why will this take off in 2015? Companies know that in order to succeed they need to have the support of their customers and one of the best ways to do this is by delivering packaging that oozes with character.

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