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Designed by Beesweet in-house team
Designers: Ana Pais & Carla Pereira
Location: Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal
Project Type: Commercial Work

Beesweet … more than Honey!

Beesweet is presenting in the market, a new raw Honey, naturally flavoured, innovator in many ways, with their own brand and design.

Representing the 3rd generation of beekeepers in the family, this new concept of Honey offers different and rare blooms. The Beesweet Honey introduces new flavours based on knowledge that the family has acquired over the years. There is always a priority in conservation the quality of natural flavours discovered and created until nowadays.

Inspired by our Grandfather, we are strongly passionate about Bees, Honey & Innovation.

The brand Beesweet … more than Honey, is much more than a simple food product.

Beesweet is launching specific and rare blooms of Honey, we innovate in the Honey flavours, in the image, in the colours, in the package and in the different ways to consume and incorporate Honey in gastronomy.

The unique package design is aesthetically innovator, passionate, full of glamour, lightweight, ergonomic and practical to use.

  1. Produto de Excelente design.
    A combinação de um produto ancestral (mel com plantas aromáticas), com a inovação de uma embalagem out of the box!
    Prémio merecido!

  2. L'emballage des drops de beesweet est très innovant et singulier. En plus de son magnifique design, il est très facile à utiliser! Je recommande fortement ce produit de beesweet.

  3. Produto com uma embalagem sem igual! Excelente design!
    Prémio mais que merecido! Recomendo os produtos Beesweet!

  4. Cet emballage en forme de goutte est totalement innovant ! Il change comparé à tous ces emballages qui se ressemblent. Très pratique d'utilisation, je ne peux plus m'en passer ! Je recommande !!

  5. J'utilise "les drops" de Beesweet à la maison, en plus d'un miel extrêmement délicieux et surprenant avec ses différentes saveurs l'emballage est très pratique! Super joli et innovant, le drop est très facile à utiliser et il est rechargeable! Je recommande à 100% ce produit de Beesweet.

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Derrick Lin