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Written by Marina Iermolaieva, marketing manager of Allinpackaging creative packaging.

Plastic thermoformed packaged are a form of rigid plastic packaging, commonly used in packaging consumer products, mainly for their low cost packaging, high performance and great protection. Plastic thermoformed packages include plastic clamshells that can be used to keep anything from phones to dinner leftovers. Other best thermoformed packaging includes plastic blisters which are generally sealed for storing small merchandising items.

Captain John Cheese

Thermoformed packaging is available in different sizes and shapes. Some of the most common products available in thermoformed packaging include cream cheese, cheese, meat products, dried nuts and fruits and snacks to mention just a few. Their main function has always been in protecting and displaying products, in a pleasing and cost effective way. No wonder, thermoformed packaging is high in demand!

This kind of packaging is mainly about a bottom and a top film. The bottom film is well drawn and given a shape thermally. The package is designed to match the shape of product; even if the product is of an irregular shape, there are no problems in packaging. Customized embossing is another feature of the packaging.

No matter what your product is, your packaging solution has to be thermoformed packaging. This is durable as well as sophisticated; the advantages of using this type of packaging are many.

Thermoformed packaging Serves Different Industries /Needs
Transparent thermoformed packaging is commonly used in retail environments where these are used with stylish graphic cards. These are displayed on the shelves for customers to see who start recognizing the products and their brand with the nature of packaging.

Kimberly Clark’s SafeSkin Kids Sports Wraps

The pharmaceutical industry uses thermoformed packaging for some other reason. They need a packaging which protects their products mainly. Custom thermoformer is mainly used in packaging pharmaceutical products since they form a good protective shell on products, especially for medical products and medical devices which help in preventing any kind of contamination and tampering. No matter, what your industry is, there is thermoformed packaging that meets your needs.

Thermoformed packaging offers high quality packaging solutions, thereby helping to maintain high quality standards for all your products. This is one of the reasons why expensive or delicate products are packaged using this material. Your products need good packaging which will not just protect them from damage but will also instil brand recognition and entice customers with their design and style. Customers need to feel assured that the product is completely secure and it is available in the condition it is promised.

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Manufacturers generally mold thermoformed packaging into different shapes and sizes to make it of fixed dimensions and as per specifications of the product. It is given the shape as per needed – if the packaging is for cell phones, it needs a different fold and if it is for cosmetics, it needs a different fold; thus, no matter what your product is, there is a specific kind of packaging available. This is one of the most unique characteristics of thermoformed packaging which explains its high demand.

Special Kind Of Packaging
There are certain products which need some extra protection from specific elements like sunlight or dust. For all such products, there is a need for opaque packaging. Thermoformed options are available for such products too and for multiple industries and for catering to different needs.

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