Kulinar Petr Stupka – Salad Dressing & BBQ Sauces

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Agency: Orange Cup Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kulinar Petr Stupka
Location: Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Sauces and dressings

We did 6 labels for unique salad dressings and BBQ sauces. Label is very small so something simple but strong was essential.

We wanted to catch attention of customers by giving special names with hidden messages.

Salad dressings name translation: “Angel Sauce” – mustard dressing,”Herby Granny” – sweet and sour dressing and “One Poem” – sour yogurt with lemon BBQ sauces name translation: “Last Date” – garlic sauce, “Secret Weapon” – onion sauce and “Hell’s Drama” – hot and spicy sauce.

These product was cooked and flavoured by well known Czech chef Petr Stupka and we were ask to give them an unique graphic style.

What’s Unique?
Label is all hand drawn with unique names and design