Samcos, Olivanthol & Aller-g – Herbal Skin Spray

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Agency: So Cool Design Office
Creative team: Loli Stavroula-Christoforidou Caterine
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Samcos S.A.
Location : Athens, Greece
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Paper

Both the Olivanthol and the Aller-g belong to the category of herbal skin medication. The basis of OLIVANTHOL are olive oil and panthenol (where is name is taken from), an innovative spray product. The basis of ALLER-G is calendula.

It is sold exclusively in pharmacies. As this is medication, it should be visually presented as such. We selected packages with clear fonts and brightly colored spots. The olivanthol is a product for all seasons. Therefore we designed symbols that represent all seasons. The molds used ensure both the continuity between packages and the continuity of future series with other products, such as Aloe Vera. The symbols help the consumer to understand that the product is for all seasons.