5 Easter Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss

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Derrick Lin


We really feel Easter is the most interesting time of the year, to us it means lots of eggs, bunnies and chocolates and as always we are thrilled to share with you some of the most interesting Easter packaging.

The Supermilk Facet Easter Egg

Our Supermilk Facet Egg takes an unexpected angle on the classic Easter egg, cast with a jewelled facet design that looks like a spectacular ‘chocolate diamond’ emerging from a smooth chocolate eggshell.Our delicious new 65% cocoa milk chocolate gives you all the goodness of dark chocolate and the mellow indulgence of milk, with much less sugar! – Source

DIY Carrots Packaging

Before Easter we had a beautiful collaboration with Anamaria from Cupcakes I made some boxes for custom cookies carrots that was going to make it to a client. My Carrots cardboard enjoyed the company of carrots sweet and delicious made with skill and talent of Anamaria. Note here that nice couple formed. – Source

Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg

Your Eggsellency comes with a pair of generous eggshells cast in two deliciously cocoa-rich grades of chocolate – 65% supermilk and 70% dark. Inside, you’ll discover 12 truffle egglets filled with our finest liquor recipes, made with premium spirits, ports and Champagne. Beautifully presented in a glittering, ribbon-tied hatbox. When we first started making our Easter eggs 14 years ago, experts told us to make them as thin as possible. We did the opposite, making ridiculously thick shells to hide our chocolates in. It’s an amazing Easter gift they’ll never forget, and the perfect indulgence for everyone to share and celebrate the season! – Source

Kaleidoscope Egg

100s and 1000s of naturally coloured sugar drops coat this egg made of dulce de leche milk chocolate nestled on sliding layer of couture ganaches, our signature chocolates and our seasonal filled mini eggs including milk and dark ganaches, pralines, salted caramels, coffee hazelnut and roasted coconut and our tangy yuzu and mango coulis mini egg. A feast for little ones and little ones at heart. – Source

Organic Milk & Butterscotch Eco Egg

We have introduced several innovations into this year’s Easter range, not limited simply to amazing chocolate, but also new materials to reduce our footprint further. Feel good about the chocolate and disposing of the packaging. Our Eco Egg packaging is made of just two parts: a sturdy biodegradable paper outer shell/sleeve and foil wrapping – we think it’s probably the most Eco friendly Easter egg around! – Source