8munkar (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Emelie Johannesson & Oliver Sjöqvist
Project Type: Student Project
School: Brobygrafiska
Course: Graphic design
Location: Sunne, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Munkar (donuts)
Packaging Materials: Carton board

8munkar is a fictional donut shop that you can find in big cities all over the world, like Los angeles, New York, Tokyo and Dubai just to mention some examples. Since we are design geeks with an eye for the minimalistic it was important for us to celebrate our swedish roots and make our design clean and simple. We wanted our design to be very scandinavian, since scan-dinavia is such a metropol when it comes to design and many trends are born here. The logotype on our packaging can be seen as the number 8, which stands for that our packaging contains 8 munkar but it can also be seen as two munkar on top of each other. Of course we have used the swedish colours that catches the eye.

8munkar is not your ordinary donut shop. We are far from 50’s cars and american diners. In fact, we don’t even bake donuts. We bake swedish munkar. Packed with your favourite scandinavian flavors like polka, cinnamon bun, ballerina cookie and lingon berries. Simply grab a box with 8 delicious munkar, share or enjoy all by yourself. A swedish thing on the go, like nothing you’ve seen before. Welcome to 8munkar.

What’s Unique?
Before this packaging, munkar was something you were eating at home, since you always got sticky fingers and they stick together in a thin, messy paper bag. Your fingers, and perhaps your face, probably got sticky while eating them and we can guess that you wanted to wash your hands afterwards . With our new packaging, we wanted to change the way you eat munkar. We have made it suitable for picknicks, homepartys or when you just want something sweet on the go.

Our packaging works like a machine. You easily open the packaging with a tab on the bottom and up to the front and now you will see the first plates in the packaging. You drag out the first plate and the next one automatically fall down. Every munk is eachpacked and does also come with a wet tissue, a napkin and a toothpick. Since the product is each- packed, munkarna won’t stick together anymore and it’s easy for the conusmer to fresh up after finishing the snack. They will also stay fresh longer if you don’t eat them all at the same time.

The packaging is made by one single material, which is one of BillerudKorsnäs cartonboards, Korsnäs artisan 270 g. The strength and silky feeling of the material contributes to make our packaging feel exclusive and stand out from the crowd.