Herbs for Health (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Duncan K. Anderson
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Lahti, Finland
Packaging Contents: Grow your own herb kit
Packaging Materials: Paperboard, Plastic
School: Lahti Institute of Design
Course: Package & Brand Design
Tutor: Markus Toivanen

Herbs have a myriad of health benefits which are often overlooked. Herbs for Health is an inexpensive kit for growing your own herbs which features a self-watering system for the plants. The kit contains seeds, soil, growing pots and full instructions to grow your own parsley, basil and spearmint. On the side of the pack it lists the qualities of the herbs so you can learn about their health benefits while you wait for them to grow.

When packed the contents are housed in an adapted Tetra-Rex which functions as the reservoir for the self-watering system once the kit is built. The self-watering system makes it easy to grow the plants since there is no need to estimate sensitive water needs. A piece of jute twine connects the pots to the reservoir, these soak up the water and keep the soil moist but not saturated. The plants take the water they need which is then replenished from the reservoir.

The kit is primarily made of paperboard and at the end of the product’s life it’s easy to separate the pieces for recycling. The pots and jute twine are both biodegradable so they can be placed into bio waste streams along with the soil and plant matter.