American Royal Mead



Agency: Dunn&CO.
Chief Creative Officer and owner: Troy Dunn
Chief Creative Director: Jim Darlington
Senior Art Director: Grant Gunderson
Client: St. Petersburg Distillery
Location: Tampa, FL, USA

American Royal Mead is made from 100% natural organic honey, crafted by the collaboration of millions of bees. We created ornate designs to celebrated this process. By recognizing them as valuable contributors in crafting this mead, we were able to tell a story that illuminated the natural, high-quality ingredients used by the distillery.

Being that this was one of my first label designs i relied heavily on the printer Blue label digital out of Ohio for inspiration and guidance. We printed on a flat black neenah label stock to keep it as black as possible. Then we created a highly detailed combo die so that everywhere you see foil it was also embossed at the same time.